Thursday, November 6, 2008

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Wow what a mouthfull!!

Ok, let me preface by saying that i had REALLY high expectations, and i REALLLY wanted to LOVE this foundation.

Off to the review:
(no pictures, it was only a sample from Sephora)

After seeing TONNNNS (and i mean tons) of reviews on this, i was dying to try it. The price was steep, so i decided on getting a sample. They usually give at LEAST 3 days of a sample, which would be ample time to decide if i like it.

I tried it the day after i got it. Sunday. I was running out the door to my friend Steve's house to go veg on his couch. I didnt want to leave with NO makeup on, and decided to throw this on, using my fingers, and no primer.

The Foundation when on VERY smoothly, and it was MUCH more liquidy then my MAC Studio Fix Fluid. It was a little sheer, but i didnt use much at all. The makeup didnt stay fresh all day, but it was definitely still on after 5 hours.

Monday, i tried it again. Again, using my fingers. I tried to stipple a little on my cheek with my 187, but wasnt impressed.

I didnt wear it tuesday or wednesday. Actually i didnt put any makeup on until i got to work.

Forward to today:
I typically use my sponge to apply my foundation. At least lately, its just so much quicker for me in the morning. So i figured i should do it this way with this makeup as well.
As always, i spritz my spronge with Fix+ to dampen it. (you dont want the sponge to absorb your foundation. duhhh !) i poured about 2 pea size amounts onto the sponge and dotted it on my cheeks, forehead, chin, and a little on my nose.
I blended the makeup and decided i needed another layer. All my scars and blemishes showed liek i had no makeup on, but it DID even out the color on my cheeks and forehead. (just to add, my scars are not "craters" they are just little scar color from picking at my face in the past, it isnt that hard to cover them, and i hate concealor)
After putting on the second layer, it still didnt cover. And i concentrated it almost all on my chin and jaw line where i have the problems.

PROS: Super lightweight and breathable, couldnt tell i had makeup on. Color match was great. They had a ton of colors to choose from. Im italian and irish, at my palest, and was matched to 118. Up close in the sunlight, it looked just like my skin, not like i was "made up".

CONS: Too sheer of coverage for me. I like the "made up" look, and i prefer my MAC SFF over this big time due to more coverage and not having to layer and layer and layer. The price.

You will like this if:
you like light-medium coverage, have a hard time finding a good color match, and dont mind splurging on this foundation.

Honestly, if the coverage was better, or my skin more clear, i WOULD purchase this. The only major thing that turned me off was how sheer the coverage was, using a sponge and my fingers.


Hannah said...

Thanks so much for the review!
Honestly I think ill just stick with my SFF.
i dont really like a light coverage either!
hope you are well!!

Posey said...

Hannah, sorry i didnt get back to you sooner! things have been crazy!
Things are well, thank you!

And yes, i definitely prefer my SFF coverage much better, and i enjoy being loyal to my MAC! lol