Friday, July 25, 2008

New Beauty Blog

Hi all! I'm Posey. No, thats not my real name, just a nickname! I have been wanting to make a makeup and beauty blog for a LONG time because i LOVE makeup and beauty products and own wayy tooo many!!!!!
If there is a product any of you would like me to try, or want to know if i have, please ask!
I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting stuff myself!
Add me to your favorites and watch for daily reviews! I will update as often as possible!
I may also add some makeup tutorials on how i do some of my eye makeup. They take a couple of hours by the time i do the makeup and take a picture of each step, then upload, crop, and post with text. So they may be few and far between, but worth every minute!
I hope you all enjoy this blob as much as i hope to! And please visit often and comment A LOT!

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Gold Eye Serum said...

i could hardly read the text because the color is to bright.